This is a card game, for 2-4 players. The full instructions are given in the Word document along with the cards themselves.

First, print out the document onto thin card, preferably with a colour printer. Then, cut out the cards and make them into two packs -- the Job cards, and the rest.

Finally, obtain a number of counters of two different types -- I suggest 1p and 5p coins, or 5c and 10c if you are American. Other countries can use whatever is appropriate! These will represent your Wieght, and your Health. I use different coloured glass pebbles for this purpose.

Download the Word document here

This game was created by myself, with my sister Jenny. It is supposed to poke fun at the people who equate skinny == beauty, but it in fact has a measure of strategy in playing as well. Have fun playing, and don't get so thin you disappear!

Steve 2004

Copyright S & J Shipway 2001,2002