The Ballad of Flash and the White Hand (Red & White)

Melody - Ralph McTell; Lyrics - Melnic the Loud

This ballad was creted to commemorate the loss in a psychic mission of Flash, a fire elemental player character, during the Thorne Legacy trilogy of events. The character's spirit was trapped by the White Hand necromancers and lost.

C        C       F        G7
Hands of red are hands of fire,
C        Am        F       G
Hands of white are cold as bone
      C       F               C        -->     Am       
Their spirits flew though the mist was getting darker,
F        C           G             C  
Two went out, though one returned alone.

    C                   F              F             G
Now soldiers show their courage in the bloody battle heat
          C              F                  G           G
And their mettle as they stand and face the foe
       C             F            C     ->      Am
But no lesser do you find, in the battle of the mind
       F                 G              C            C
Facing dangers that most men will never know.

When duty called for some of skill to venture to the fore
And fight the darkness in the hands of white
Two spirits rose with flames, and flew to make their names
And brave the many dangers in the night.

(Repeat Chorus)

What struggles in that mystic world the spirits had to fight
Mere mortal men will never understand
Yet strength of phoenix ire, could not release the fire
Trapped tight within the evil grasping hand.

*Middle section (martial drums here):
        G           G             C           C
And her flame shall soon become a fire,
        F       C              G            G
And the wind of Right become a gale -
        C            F           C      ->     Am
And the White Hand's power shall wither and be broken...
F        C           G                C
Darkness fear, while still we are all hale.

And in the dark and chaos, the phoenix broke away
To press the cause and fight another day.
Though trapped is spirit bold, and her body lies there cold
Her tale shall be remembered, come what may

(Repeat Chorus)

Instrumental (as chs)


Lyrics by Steve Shipway 2002. Original song 'Red And Gold' written by Ralph McTell and performed by Fairport Convention.