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English Translation

The original version of this song is, of course, in Japanese. I did not perform the translation, rather I amalgamated the various attempts on the DVD and fansubbed versions. Then, I modified it to try and retain the original meaning and emotion, but to still scan and sound correct in English.

In case there is any doubt: I did not write either this song, or the anime it was used in! All I have done is almalgamated the various translations, and then modified them to make an English version of the lyrics. The song, and its copyright, all belong to the original owners. The original song is sung by Mieno Hitomi.

This is a good anime, although it is tryue that it weakens somewhat towards the end of the series. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the cute/romance style of anime.


Original Romanji Lyrics
tsuyuake mae no aozora wa
hitoashi hayaku, kokoro wo odoraseru
kotoshi mo mousugu, natsu ga kuru
machi mo hito mo ukarekibun de zawamekidasu

shounen no kokoro no mama, 
otonani natta hito
futari deatta ano hi 
ni wo modorenai kedo

hitomi wo tojireba, hohoemu kao ga mieru
daisukina ano uta ima mo utatte masuka
watashi ni wa kikoeru yasashii koe to MELODY
yoaki na toki hodo, anata wo omoidasu


(You know the) sun will surely shine, 
    after the rain has gone;
This year like the last, the spring will come, 
    after the winter thaw.
The sun is bright, the sky is blue, 
    and all the clouds have gone -
In the streets of the town, the people all run 
    and shout out their joy.

Still young at heart, he became a man
And went to where life's winds would take him.
We can't return to that day when we met,
But sometimes, in my dreams...

If I close my eyes and I think of you, 
    I can see your smile shining through
Are you playing that old song for me?  
    I can still hear that sweet melody -
I hear those notes as they drift on by, 
    sometimes I hang my head to cry.
When days are dark, and I am feeling blue, 
    my dearest I will still remember you.

S Shipway