Alternate Icon Sets

ajezierskiajezierskiAndy Jezierski, Stepan Companymenubgcolour = #41679e
linkcolour = #80ffff
bgcolour = #41679e
Incomplete set, needs login/out and archive
arslanagicarslanagicAid Arslanagic, aid@inlife.baIncomplete set. Needs the login/out icons.
defaultdefaultSteve ShipwayThis is the default set as shipped
fancyfancySteve ShipwayIncomplete set. Missing login/out and archive buttons
jharbinjharbinJim Harbinbgcolor = #D0D0D0
menubgcolor = #D0D0D0
linkcolor = #000000
Incomplete set. Missing login/out, archive, and various -dn and -dn-w icons. May require a bit of work. set. Missing the login/out buttons.
ncsuncsuBrian Wilson , North Carolina State UniversityIncomplete set. Missing the login/out icons.
ralf00ralf00Ralf Honert
ralf01ralf01Ralf Honert
ralf02ralf02Ralf Honert
ralf03ralf03Ralf Honert
ralf04ralf04Ralf Honert
ralf05ralf05Ralf Honert
ralf06ralf06Ralf Honert
ralf07ralf07Ralf Honert
ralf08ralf08Ralf Honert
ralf09ralf09Ralf HonertVery similar to the ncsu icon set
ralf10ralf10Ralf Honert
ralf11ralf11Ralf Honert
ralf12ralf12Ralf Honert
ralf13ralf13Ralf Honert
ralf14ralf14Ralf Honert
ralf15ralf15Ralf Honert
ralf16ralf16Ralf Honert
ralf17ralf17Ralf Honert
simplesimpleSteve ShipwayIncomplete set. Missing login/out buttons.
srgsrgMarkus Gander
wiesewieseTodd Wiese, WieseTM@bp.combgcolor = #DEFFEF
menubgcolor = #008000
Incomplete set. Missing login/out buttons.