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Here is a list of recent Warwick- and Newwords-related events pictures that have been digitised for the web. Not all are necessarily held locally. Where possible I have indicated their location and size.

Credits to where it is due for the photos, and thanks to everyone for appearing. Additional thanks to Ed for assorrted photos and saving me some work (vist Ed's page for more photos and so on). Many pictures are mirrored here in order to speed up access for slow servers or routes.

These are listed in chronological order.

I would still like some pictures of all other recent weddings, and any events. It is much better to hold them here than to email them to the mailing list!

If you would like to have a picture added, then email it (using UUENCODE or MIME encoding) to me at and I will add it as soon as possible. Include with the picture some indication of what it actually is! Alternatively, make them available for ftp from somewhere, or mail me the photos or a floppy disk.

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