The Koan of Warwick cartoon strip was created in 1990 or thereabouts, using a remarkably similar format to Nev's 'Mr Slug' cartoon (three almost identical frames). It's main character is, in fact, a piece of modern art on the University of Warwick campus (in the UK) that was designed by an artist called Lilian Lijn. The Koan is about 4m high, banded with flourescent lights, and rotates with a noisy grinding noise. Originally, it was intended to be placed on the roof of the Arts Centre, but it was discovered that the roof was not strong enough to bear its weight.

The Koan is the unofficial mascot of the university's Science Fiction society, and is secretly worshipped as the avatar of a god by the Koan Worshipping society. Or maybe they only do it to annoy the born-again Christians.

Copyright Steve Shipway 1990, although youd be crazy to want to steal it