Wanderer is the first proper C program I ever wrote, back in 1988. It is a game similar to the old 'Boulderdash' or 'Repton' games, and originally was written to run under UNIX on text terminals (TVI910 and Wyse60).

Later, it was modified to compile under DOS, and then many people ported it to different operating systems, some adding graphics, and so on. I have not yet been able to track down all of the different versions I once knew about! It also included a level editor, andso many people submitted screens that they had created to be included with the package.

In 1990, SCO included one of the graphics versions with SCO UNIX on the games disk, although the broke the license terms by not shipping the credits file. They also didnt give me an interview when I applied there for a job. Maybe they had taken a look at the code...

The original was release to the UseNet newsgroup, comp.source.games, in 1988 (you can still find it in the Google archives). This was before the GNU GPL, and it was released with a simple 'dont sell it, tell me of changes' license. As far as I am concerned, it should now be treated as GNU GPL.

Wanderer is a turns-based puzzle game, written in C, originally for text mode terminals.
Steve Shipway