Nagios Plugins and Utilities

These are all plugins or supporting utilities to work with Ethan Galstead's Nagios monitoring tool. Most plugins will also work as plugins for Tobi Oeticker's MRTG logging tool.

  • Nagios EventLog agent for Windows: To send NSCA alerts directly from filtered EventLog messages.
    • This is a Windows service that forwards filtered EventLog messages into Nagios, via the NSCA daemon. It is based on NTSyslog and send_nsca with some additional filtering code by myself, and includes the GPL libmcrypt library. It is therefore distributed under the Gnu GPL. Version 1.6.2 is believed to work with Win 2k3 but is not fully tested. v1.7.0.b now includes the missing mcvcr70.dll that is missing on some systems - it is the inclusion of these Microsoft DLLs that causes the huge size of the install package! v1.8.0 now contains a heartbeat function and upgrade option.
    • Microsoft Library Package: This may be needed to make the frontend work on some systems. Alternatively, you can pick it up from here.
    • nagevlog-setup-1.9.2.exe: Windows setup package v1.9.2 including source code and additional MSVC8 libraries 1.43Mb (3/2/9) (2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • Beta version for 64bit windows 2008: Just the executables and vc_redist package for 64bit Windows. BETA. (24/2/9)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.9.1.exe: Windows setup package v1.9.1 including source code 1Mb (31/10/8) (2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.8.3.exe: Windows setup package v1.8.3 including source code 990Kb (3/1/7) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.8.1.exe: Windows setup package v1.8.1 including source code 990Kb (4/5/6) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • ZIP package of v1.8.1, 1.9Mb (4/5/6) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.7.2.exe: Windows setup package v1.7.2 including source code 980Kb (21/12/5) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.7.1.exe: Windows setup package v1.7.1 936Kb (15/12/5) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.7.0b.exe: Windows setup package v1.7.0b 935Kb (12/12/5) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.6.5.exe: Windows setup package v1.6.5 847Kb (7/12/5) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.6.3.exe: Windows setup package v1.6.3 833Kb (?/10/5) (NT,ME,2000,XP,2003,Citrix)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.6.2.exe: Windows setup package v1.6.2 832Kb (29/7/5) (NT?,2000,XP,2003?)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.5.0.exe: Windows setup package v1.5.0 375Kb (17/5/5) (NT,2000,ME?,XP)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.4.2.exe: Windows setup package v1.4.2 317Kb (21/4/5)
    • nagevlog-setup-1.3.exe: Windows setup package v1.3a 317Kb
    • The basic two executables 56Kb. v1.3 (Memory leak fixed)
    • The basic two executables 56Kb. v1.1
    • All the source code and everything. v1.1 394Kb
    • nwela-howto.doc: Allen Talbot's excellent 'HowTo' MSWord document for installing and testing the agent.
  • bb2nsd: A daemon to receive alerts from Big Brother agents, and pass these on to Nagios as passive alerts. Nagios 1.x only.
    • This daemon, which runs on Unix under the inetd or xinetd daemon, will receive alerts in Big Brother format and then pass them on to Nagios. This package includes example templates, showing how to install the daemon on the Nagios server and how to define Nagios passive services so that Big Brother alerts can be accepted. More up to date version is available on
    • bb2ns-1.0.tar.gz: Version 1.0
  • check_website: A Nagios plugin to check a website by a sequence of retrieves.
    • This simulates a user logging on to a web site, filling in and submitting forms, and so on. You can use this to measure end-to-end website response, and user experience.
    • check_website-0.2.tar.gz: Version 0.2
  • Nagios::ActivityLog: A perl library for parsing the Nagios activity log. Nagios 1.x only.
  • NagLog: A daemon to work in conjunction with syslog-ng that parses syslog and Windows eventlog entries, and generates appropriate Nagios service state changes via NCSA. Nagios 1.x only.
  • check-nrpe: A small utility in Perl to allow MRTG or Nagios to collect stats from the NRPE Nagios Agent. Released under GNU GPL.
  • mrtg-pnsclient: A small utility in Perl to allow MRTG or Nagios to collect stats from the pNSClient NetSaint client running under windows. Released under GNU GPL.

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