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Please be advised that this software is not an official product of my employers, and similarly The University of Auckland assumes no responsibility for these pages, for this software, or any use to which it may be put or any consequences of its use. Please mail me if you have any issues.

Here are a few applications that I have developed myself to make our life simpler. Unless stated otherwise, assume they are available under the GNU GPL. Note that the majority of this code is relatively new, and so I would appreciate any enhancements and bug reports mailed to me. Although all of this software is currently in live use here, there are always differences between systems and configurations that bring out hidden problems!

In all cases, you are advised to obtain the latest versions of Perl and the necessary libraries. Many of these use Tobi Oetiker's excellent RRDTool and MRTG, and you should obtain the latest version (1.0.40 at last count) in order to avoid known problems.

routers2.cgi software: Generic web-based frontend for the popular MRTG systems monitoring software.
Nagios Utilities: All plugins and agents to work with Ethan Galstead's Nagios system. Includes the NagiosEventLog agent for Windows.
Everything to do with the Sympa mailing list system
Software support forum, for all of our software.
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