Steve's Profile

This is not really finished, but will do as a first draft. CV to be added later.

1. Basic Stuff

2. Interests

3. Likes and Dislikes

Travelling around and seeing new cultures and viewpoints. Intricate machinery (when it works). Riding a motorcycle down deserted country lanes on a clear day. True friendship. Dancing (rock and roll and latin). Driving. Wide, open spaces. The UK (despite everything). Playing guitar. Drawing (only with pencil). UNIX and C. Science. Anything that makes me laugh. Cats (unless they are digging in my garden).
People who are pretentious, or unprepared to consider another viewpoint. Vegetarian food. Seafood. French customs officials. People who park illegally and escape getting a ticket. Business suits. Rap music (with a silent 'c'). Lists of dislikes.

All standard disclaimers apply. None of this was the fault of Auckland University.

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