1. Leroc, Merengue and Salsa dancing. This is a link to the page I maintain on dancing in the Bristol area.

    I have been dancing for almost seven years now, and have taught a few classes in the last few years. A great way to have fun, meet people, and get fit at the same time without even realising it...

  2. Running the Newwords InfoServer for ex-Warwick university types. Our contact group has had numerous parties, get-togethers, and group holidays every year.
  3. Travelling! I have been on a number of trips now, including: Planned trips for the future include:
  4. Guitar playing. I have a Spanish-style acoustic, and a Marlin Sidewinder (electric). I prefer the acoustic, although I am only moderatle competent on it. I wish I could sing and play at the same time (or even just sing)
  5. Model rocketry
  6. Motorcycling! At last (its only taken me about 8 years to get the chance). I now have a license, and a Yamaha XJ600N to ride about. When in New Zealand I also managed a 5 day trip on a hire bike (Kawasaki ER500) around the Northland region.
  7. Writing to penfriends in Russia... although now Natasha has moved to Denmark.
  8. Writing a story in I have already created part one, part two, and most of part 3. This has now suffered a gap of years...

Steve Shipway