Bits & Pieces

Hello, this is me. I'm currently living in Bristol, UK working as a UNIX sysadmin with Allied Domecq. I'm aged 31 (although this has changed every year since 1969), and my major hobby is currently dance -- see my dancing pages for more information. You can contact me via email at work, or at home, where I run a RedHat Linux machine.

Most of my family is on the Internet in one way or another -- my brother and sister both have email, as do my father and mother. Embarassingly, she managed to have a home page before I did, but things have finally been rectified. In fact, she now even has her own domain name - how times have changed... The last bastion of the Luddites (my father) has now collapsed -- the one who objects to pocket calculators on the grounds that they are too technical now has email access.

Steve Shipway