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InfoSeek Query Interface

If you don't have forms support, this will not work. Use the email interface instead.

Follow this link to see the new (fully working) infoserver interface provided by FloYd.

Here is the old version, in case you wanted to compare.

You can use this form, also, to add and modify existing records in the contacts database. To add a record, first use this search to check that it does not already exist.

Input a blank-separated list of keywords to search the database for, and then press the Send button. This will search for people's Names and Aliases only - there is also no fuzzy matching, so try and get it spelt correctly.

Please note: this database is a copy of the master contacts database held on, and so is updated subsequently. Changes will take a number of days to filter through until I can automate the process.

If you can't locate the person you want using this database, you might want to try using the WhoWhere? search engine.

Newwords Email InfoServer

The same information can be obtained via email for people without forms support. To do this, send email to with a subject line of find keyword-list. For example, to find the information on Cheshire, use find cheshire. You can specifiy any number of keywords in the list.

To notify the list maintainer of changes, send email to

Newwords Mailing List

The maililng list is for ex-Warwick people to keep in touch. You can join the mailing list automatically by sending email to with a subject line of 'add' and remove yourself by using a subject line of 'drop'. Use a subject line of 'help' for more information.

You can send a message to everyone on the mailing list by emailing

News and Events

These are the events currently being arranged. Also, see the newsletter.

Home Pages

This is a list of any personal home pages that I know of. I will try to install pages locally for members if requested (please keep it to a sensible size).

Story and Gossip file

This section uses my (beta test) interactive story generator. You can use it to create a 'choose your own' story, or as a threaded gosip file if you have a good imagination. Try one of these:

These are now (thanks to Rince for beta testing!) in a stable condition. This is not a request for people to try and break it, though!


This is a collection of C source code that may be of interest to people working with the WWW. Please give credit where it is due, and unless specified I (or my employers) retain copyright. Feel free to use anything you want, but not for profit.

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