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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:49 pm 
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The sixth and hopefully final beta of v2.20 has been released in the usual location,

Many thanks to the people who have supported development by sending gifts from the wishlist, or by buying the book! The current version of the book includes documentation on all the new v2.20 features, apart from routers.cgi*ShortLegend2[] which didn't make it in time.

+ Some additional documentation in README
+ Add caching mode to C version of mrtg-nrpe
! Fix offset bug in mrtg-nrpe that put offset=0 for first cmd if 2nd given
! Fix problem with 'active' option when no subtargets are active...
^Beta1 18/11/08
! Fix pdfreport.cgi so that it works with v2.19 and later (HTTP header parse  problem reported by ramu_dodda)
+ Allow pdfreport.cgi to work as Target-level extension as well as device-level
! Extensions on user-defined graphs needed '_' prefix, now autoadded.
! 'Active' checks on userdefined graphs within summaries now done correctly  (although not necessarily how you'd prefer it to be)
+ Can now format milli-items (IE 1,000ths) in actuals popup
^Beta2 23/12/08
+ (Marco Chiavacci) MySQL authentication module added
! Fixed edge-of-window detection for javascript popup with horiz. scroll
+ New symbol: %LASTUPDATEH% - human-readable last update time
+ Titles of graph type displayed when in 'All Graphs' display type.
+ Symbols can now be used in Extension link labels (and Link as well)
! Slight adjustment to layout in Compact graph display type
+ User-defined symbols via routers.cgi*SetSymbol
+ Graph style 'lines' to show as 2 lines instead of line+area
! Fix pdfreport to work with archived RRDs
+ Add 'dwmy=' param to pdfreport to allow short or long term reports with  &dwmy=dw or &dwmy=my added to the URL when defining the Extension
+ Add new symbols: CMSYSTEM CMDESC CMCONTACT CMLOCATION CMIDESC for info  parsed from config files generated by cfgmaker.  Unreliable but requested.
= (Fernando Feijo) Thanks for the DVDs!
+ Set max title length to 128chr, configurable via maxtitle=xxx in the  routers2.conf file.  Avoids crash with excessive title lengths.
+ Add altygrid=y option in routers2.conf
! Last Update time now uses 'longdate' format instead of server locale format  so it can be internationalised correctly
! Graph type 6dwmy is also named 'All Graphs'
+ More documentation for MySQL checks, better error responses
= (Gil Obradors) Catalan translation language pack
^Beta 3 3/2/09
! Bug affecting execution with speedycgi and some versions of perl
+ 'nodetails' can now apply to normal graphs as well as userdefined
! 'nolegend' on normal graph did not hide the details, only the colour key
! 'nolegend' on normal graphs did not correctly hide peak line colour keys
^Beta 4 5/2/09
+ New symbol: %ENV(xxx)% adds environment variable xxx contents
+ New symbol: %INCLUDE(xxx)% adds contents of file xxx (processed before all  other symbols, so file can contain symbols as well)
! Last update was not setting longdate format correctly because...
! POSIX module was being loaded twice and failing
! Default units labels were setting bits/bytes incorrectly, or using Bps when it should have used bps.  Went wrong in v2.19 apparently.  Fixed now.
! Symbol CMIDESC was not replacing if not defined
! Overlong titles of component targets prevented in userdefined graphs
^Beta 5 24/2/9
! Legend formatting bug in userdefined graph if some but not all the component targets have noo and userdefined does not.
+ Added %GRAPHURL%, %IFNO%, %MAXBYTES% symbols
+ Added support for logscale option
+ Added routers.cgi*Ylegend2[] to set secondary Y legends (required RRD 1.3.x)
+ Added routers.cgi*ScaleShift[] to set scale shift for secondary axis (requires RRD 1.3.x) param: scale:shift  EXPERIMENTAL
+ Added version watermark at bottom of graph if using RRD 1.3.x
+ Added routers2.conf file option 'pango=yes' to enable Pango markup in graph labels (Requires RRD 1.3.x)
! (Andrew Radke) Error in withpeak/CF sanity test code
= (Jonathan Ashton) Thanks for the book!
= (Jim Avery) Thanks for the DVDs!
+ SecondScale now works on userdefined graphs, use the 'altscale' extended option to indicate if components are wholly on second scale or in/out split this is VERY BETA!
! nodetails/nolegend should also suppres percentile/total calcs at bottom
! ifsort was not correctly sorting items where both were not in menu
+ routers.cgi*ShortLegend2[] added for ScondScale mode but still EXPERIMENTAL
! SetSymbol now allows single quotes as well as double on the symbol value
+ Updated documentation for new symbols in MRTG_INFO
! c2fi and c2fo were only working on userdefineds, not in normal graphs
! scaleshift had ops in reverse for undoing - so shift didn't work

Steve Shipway
UNIX Systems, ITSS, University of Auckland, NZ
Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning... -- Isaiah 5:11

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