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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:20 am 
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Version 2.18 is available for download from the usual place,

v2.18 Changes
! Fixes to (was overwriting .css file and icons)
! Added correct attribution of the overlib code to Eric Bosrup
+ Added extra symbols for head/foot - %COMMUNITY% and %HOSTNAME%
+ Changed installation default options - withdate, legendunits, size=l2
! Make Average of Average report more sensibly in userdefined graphs with
  some of the values in greyout (unknown, without unknasprev or unknaszero)
! Added extra colours to default if Colour[] stanza unparseable
+ More support for ifdefault=cfgmaker option with new cfgmaker formats
= (Peter Hall) Thanks for sending me DVDs!
= (Casey Scott) Thanks for sending me DVDs!
+ Added persistent caching between invocations (routerscache only).  This will
  help even if you dont use mod_perl or speedycgi.  Must be enabled with
  cachepath=/path/to/tmp/workspace and cache=yes
! Fixed bug with mod_perl not checking for new archives in cache mode
+ Added doc/PERFORMANCE file for hints in improving performance.
! Device menu had problems with uninitialised group name if multilevel groups
  enabled on first run of caching invocation.
+ Popup can now contain actual data values, default disabled (actuals = yes)
= (Steve Litchfield) Thanks for sending me some DVDs!
! Corrected minor caching bug for archive dates
! Identifying archive date from .rrd file was using last file modify date,
  which could be wildly inaccurate.  Now uses 23:59 on archive date.
= (Rodrigo Schneider) Thanks for sending me a DVD!
! Workaround for IIS buggy pathinfo implementation: disable pathinfo support
  if Windows and IIS are detected!
= (Christopher Noyes) Thanks for the DVD box set!
! Bug in data popup with using 't' (stretch) graph style.
+ Added D and H graph style modifiers to display wider dataset.
  Also 'y' graph style for even wider than 'x'.  More combinations possible.
! Sometimes colours could not be specified with capital letters?
! (Frank Pena) Threshold percentages were not done correctly in default target
= (GroundWork Open Systems) Thanks for the DVD set!
! Fix for 1-min interval instead of 5-min when calculating last update step
+ More paranoia: if paranoia=yes set, then error messages and verify page
  are hidden to protect sensitive information
= ( Thanks for the DVDs!
= (Andrew Lewis) Thanks for the DVDs!
= (Yuriy Vlasov) Thanks for the DVD!
= (Scott Neader) Thanks for the DVD voucher!
! Fix for default group names so it works with groupsep=/ and multilevel=y
= (Pili in Spain) Thanks for the DVD!
! Make routers.cgi*options[]:nomax imply routers.cgi*options[]:nopercent
! Fix stylesheet to remove bottom margin on forms
+ New option: nodesc (hides Target title headings in userdefined graphs)
+ New option: nogroup (makes one userdefined total/average for all values
  instead of one for in, one for out)
! It doesnt make sense to have percentage if you have nomax set
! Allow Interval to be a decimal or min:sec

Steve Shipway
UNIX Systems, ITSS, University of Auckland, NZ
Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning... -- Isaiah 5:11

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